Flobar – the scalable Flood Protection System

Flobar is a Flood Protection System that easily installs and will protect your property against unwanted surges or floods. Flobar is cost effective, and it will protect doorways, garages, elevators, basements, and other areas with sensitive equipment and other installations. With a possible height of up to 7 feet and a length of up to 16,4 feet, it is fully adoptable.

Very easy to install and is reusable time and time again.

Made from a patented fiber armored pvc, it is strong. This meaning it is not prone to corrosion or theft.

Please contact us and we will demonstrate how you can protect your property with our products. Send an email to info@flobar.se and we’ll get in contact with you!

Flobar is a Swedish company, and the products are produced in the European Union.


If you want to be a reseller of this smart and scalable solution – do let us know and we’ll look into a suitable solution together!